Dear Customer,

As a small business, at MedEquip Depot, exceptional service is truly at the heart of everything we do. Every day, we work on your behalf, negotiating prices with 750+ manufacturers and 10+ wholesalers to provide access to affordable, high quality products from more than 1300 brands. We can help you control your inventory more effectively through stock allocation, auto shipments, customized kits for a variety of medical procedures, and access to a state-of-the-art personalized portal which provides detailed usage reports. 

Because we maintain lower overhead than large distribution facilities, we have more control over the prices we charge and can pass those savings onto you. If you perform services in the non-acute space, we can access more than 2,000 contracts to lower your costs even further by enrolling you in a unique GPO program developed by NuEdge Alliance in partnership with Provista (the non-acute division of Vizient.) Membership in this GPO program is available at no charge, with no on-going fees, and with no yearly commitment. The best of all worlds!

If you are affiliated with Vizient, MedAssets, Intalere or MediGroup, we can access those contracts for you as well. 

I am fully committed to helping you SAVE, while ensuring the quickest deliveries possible. Our allocation program is key in that regard, as it enables us to stock all of the products you use on a regular basis, for immediate shipment. Our allocation program is designed to help you cut the cost of excess and expired inventory, storage space, and rescheduled procedures, as well as to eliminate the need for costly expedited deliveries caused by an unforeseen depletion in inventory. Additionally, it is designed to reduce the impact of manufacturer backorders and product discontinuations. Partner with us and you will have the peace of mind that you don’t run out of product when you most need it.

I look forward to connecting with you, learning about your needs in the healthcare space, and becoming your preferred solution partner.

Thank you!


Raluca Banea | Director, Strategic Accounts & Innovation, MBA
Director, SAVE Program
Tel. 800-598-6960 Ext. 89180
Direct/Text/Fax: 469-620-0832